Ladykillers: Lush reflect on their time in ’90s Boston in new Ghost Life Ghost Life interview

Source: Ghost Life Ghost Life

It’s only fitting that as we prepare for another Britpop Social Club tonight at Abigail’s Restaurant in Cambridge’s Kendall Square, along comes this fantastic Ghost Life Ghost Life interview with the members of Lush. Yeah yeah, Lush weren’t Britpop, sure, fine, we know; but 1994’s Split and 1996’s Lovelife were certainly a part of any fan’s Cool Britannia collection at the time. And hell, now we have a great excuse to spin the Jarvis Cocker-featured Lush track “Ciao,” as well as indie party staples like “Single Girl” and “Ladykillers” (which I always loved to hear/spin right after Suede’s “Trash”), tonight at our cocktail event.

The entire Ghost Life Ghost interview with Lush is pretty fantastic, but one home-team part jumped out in particular, and that’s when Miki Berenyi, Phil King, and Emma Anderson reflect briefly on their time spent in Boston in the mid-’90s, mixing Lovelife at with Sean Slade and Paul Q. Kolderie, forgetting having played the ‘Dise, and shopping at Newbury Comics.

And there’s a nice bit of pride seeing that were the only East Coast city to properly support Anderson’s post-Lush band, the criminally underrated Sing-Sing. Well done.

Here’s the Boston snippet, but we urge any Lush fan to read the entire interview. Up top, the band visits Cheers like proper tourists.

As a longtime Boston and Massachusetts resident, I was curious – what are your impressions of Boston from playing so many shows here (below: Miki and Chris in front of the “Cheers” bar in Boston during the ‘Split’ tour)? I remember seeing Emma & Miki at the Paradise during a Wolfgang Press gig in ’95. I think you were in the area mixing ‘Lovelife’ perhaps. Do you recall being at that show? Suddenly, Tammy opened up. I remember Wolfgang Press singer Michael Allen coming out with his long coat on with a rose in his mouth and a girl came up and took his coat off, followed by Michael throwing the rose into the crowd. What a great gig.

PHIL I seem to remember we were in Boston having dinner before our show when the OJ chase happened live on TV. Have always enjoyed Boston a lot. Especially the record shops – although there aren’t so many any more.

MIKI Newbury Comics. Was that In Boston? I remember buying a comic called HATE which I LOVED! I could spend hours in that place. Boston was always lovely!

EMMA ’Not a big college town’. No seriously, I always liked Boston and, yes, Miki and I were there for a couple of weeks when we were mixing ‘Lovelife’ with Sean Slade and Paul Q. Kolderie. You know – I don’t really remember that Wolfgang Press gig but I do remember going to see Tricky and going backstage afterward! Other memories of Boston… I have just looked at our gigography and it seems we played at the Paradise a lot. I don’t remember it much but then my memory is going! I do remember when Sing-Sing did its only tour of the North America, Boston was quite well attended. In fact, outside LA it was the only well-attended show. The others were pretty dreadful – about 10 people coming to each show and that’s including New York – no joke! Boston was always a good show, I seem to remember but I can’t remember the Paradise. God, when i was younger I could remember venue halls, hotel rooms, dressing rooms, people’s names etc., but all that’s gone. Just shows what age does to the brain!

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