Amp Stand Alone: Anyone want to buy Sully Erna’s old Godsmack gear on Craig’s List?

It feels like only yesterday the entire city of Boston celebrated Godsmack Day, and yet, here we are in mid-September scanning Craig’s List for some of Sully Erna’s old gear.

And boom — we found his dirty-ass bass and amp case, up on the listings site’ Boston page for $400. You gotta drive up to Lawrence to get that shit, but it seems legit*.

Here’s the listing, with pics below. And we agree — it does make for a cool “entertainment center for a kid’s room” …or voodoo den.

Sully erna from godsmacks bass/amp case holds heads,amps,guitars
Draws slide out one holds stuff the other has a cout out were a dean guitar goes can be modified to put any guitar in!
This is a collectors item!
Comes with sullys original rockford fosgate punch check speakers!
Could be made into a cool entertainment center for a kids room!
Front and back covers come off with 4 turn pins per side

*Note: We make no promises of the validity of this shit.

Here are the pics:

Sully 2

Sully 1