Stand United: Eddie Japan teams with Wisconsin worker movement for ‘Fight Song’

Credit: Wisconsin State AFL-CIO

It’s rare that a band releases any new music on a holiday — unless that holiday reflects the song’s inspiration. While most were movin’, grillin’, or grillin’ and movin’ around Boston yesterday, Massachusetts rock band Eddie Japan teamed up with the Wisconsin chapter of the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) to release “Fight Song,” an anthem for workers’ rights and union solidarity.

After all, yesterday was Labor Day.

Eddie Japan frontman David Santos tells Vanyaland that “Fight Song” was inspired by the 2011 Wisconsin protests against Governor Scott Walker’s Act 10 bill, a bit of controversial legislation that was unpopular with public sector employees.

“The song is a bit of a musical thank you note to the tens of thousands of protesters who reminded America how important protest can be,” Santos tells us. “My feeling is that the national conversation about income inequality wouldn’t be taking place without Wisconsin.”

Santos reached out to the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO a few weeks ago, and yesterday the clip premiered on their online forums. “The goal is to reach the folks who inspired it, and maybe connect with folks who appreciate music, but who may not frequent music sites or blogs,” adds Santos. “WISAFLCIO actually appreciated that a band from Boston took inspiration from their efforts and agreed to release the video. We’ve given them our blessing to use the song for any efforts that might involve getting a crowd revved up.”

Santos also provided guest commentary to the group, which you can read in full here.

Check out “Fight Song” below, and catch Eddie Japan on the eastern shores of Massachusetts twice this month: first at Plymouth Calling on September 6 at Plymouth’s New World Tavern with Oldjack and Munk Duane, and then at the Endation record release party September 25 at T.T. The Bear’s Place in Cambridge.

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Eddie Japan Fight Song