Oh for the love of God Maroon 5 went and covered ‘Sex And Candy’ by Marcy Playground


Just when it felt like Thursday was morphing into a Friday and we were all barreling head-first into a four-day Labor Day weekend, along comes this bullshit to derail the sense of calm and tranquility we may have had.

Maroon 5 have gone and covered Marcy Playground’s ’90s one-hit-wonder semi-classic, “Sex And Candy,” turning the alt-rock tune into a kinda creepy slow jam. You can ruin your day (and possibly weekend) by listening to it below.

Disco lemonade is optional.

Last month, Maroon 5 teased their upcoming LP V by unveiling the track listing online, and it included 11 album cuts featuring titles you expect from Adam Levine and three additional b-sides. One of the b-sides was labeled “Sex And Candy.” Billboard wrote: “The bonus cuts include ‘Lost Stars,’ Levine’s solo contribution to the Begin Again soundtrack, and “Sex and Candy,” which very well could be a cover of the ’90s classic hit from Marcy Playground (if not, that’s a suspiciously similar title).”

Well Valhalla, here we are. Looks like the song will be included on the album’s deluxe edition.

V, deluxe and otherwise, is out September 2.

[embedvideo id=”B1PbqoZB0uM” website=”youtube”]

And here’s the original. That cute, quirky original. Now long gone.

[embedvideo id=”-KT-r2vHeMM” website=”youtube”]


  1. The 1st Maroon 5 album was at least honest…I guess that’s what happens to music when you get caught up with celebrity. You could be a famous musician without being a celebrity…just not the case with Levine.

    1. They have all been honest. Everyone. Nothing will beat Jane. Ever. But he wrote radio tracks for that even. Give some, take some. If you truly listen it all has meaning. It’s all great. I won’t say Adam is the best ever but he’s got it. Range, skill and whatever. His sound is being compared to icons. He’s growing. Things will change in time. He is no sell out. He appeases, sure. He always did. Ummm Harder To Breathe? Yep. If ‘fans’ would take the time to listen to the greatness behind the hits, faith wouldn’t be lost, like yours. Nothing has changed, other than perception.

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