No Angels: Robbie Williams back in the news after celebrity death mix-up jokes

We’ve long reported on celebrity mix-ups, and found good humor in putting Will Smith’s family on a shirt under the Smiths logo, or mistaking Iggy Pop for Lou Reed, or even noting the visual similarities between Dio and Rhea Perlman. But sometimes these mix-ups offer a hearty sense of WTF, and last night was one of those times.

As news of Robin Williams’ death spread around the world, some took the opportunity to reflect on Robbie Williams, the very-much-alive British pop singer and former member of boy band Take That. Both the musician and his former group were trending on Twitter as a result of the joke.

The UK edition of Huffington Post cited 18 People Who Think Robbie Williams Is Dead, but clearly many were just trying to stir shit up, kinda like the Morgan Freeman memes after Nelson Mandela died. But to quote one certain Morrissey of the aforementioned Smiths, that joke isn’t funny anymore.

Here’s a sampling of tweets…

Never forget…