On Point: Watch the music video for Fences’ ‘Arrows,’ featuring a high-diving Macklemore


Last month we hyped the lyric video for Fences’ new single “Arrows,” a collaboration with Seattle rapper Macklemore with production by Ryan Lewis. We gave it some #617 love because Fences’ band is rounded out by Bostoniams Lindsey Starr and Benjamin Greenspan, and the Chris Mansfield-led project formed when the gifted songwriter was attending Berklee College of Music.

Now comes the new music video for “Arrows,” and it needs no homegrown tie-ins to get featured on our digital pages. The visually appealing clip, directed by Jason Koenig and John Keatley, has a real Wes Anderson vibe to it, and the early scenes skillfully reflect Fences’ Northwest home base.

“From a day dream to a warehouse,” Mansfield says about the video. “This is video is my entire aesthetic embodied. I lost a friend and found love and was killed by an arrow. I hope you all get lost in the world we built.”


Adds Macklemore, who in the video does some high-diving into a pool filled with music magazines with his grill on the cover: “This music video was our baby. And we raised that baby. We put hella time, love and energy into that kid of ours. Dozens of all-nighters and studio sleep overs to make sure that kid was the best it could be before we put it out into the world, gave the kid some shoes and told our child to run. Run into the world. Show them who you are. You deserve to be free, baby.”

The digital chart-topping “Arrows” is the first single off Fences’ new record, Lesser Oceans, out October 14, and pre-sale is already underway. Watch the video below.

[embedvideo id=”ph6fmk27grc” website=”youtube”]