Watch Boston Mayor Marty Walsh name-drop long-gone Boston rock clubs and declare August 6 ‘Godsmack Day’

On August 6, 1914, Austria-Hungary declared war against Russia and Serbia declared war against Germany, giving added momentum to the start of World War I. One-hundred years later, Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh declared today Godsmack Day, giving ammunition to indignant facepalms across the internet.

Rock radio station WAAF was on-hand to host the festivities this afternoon at the Faneuil Hall Newbury Comics, and you can recap the events with the 12-minute video below. The mayor’s proclamation starts around the four-minute mark. He (maybe jokingly?) called the day the “highlight of my whole time being mayor” (today is his eight-month anniversary on the job) and cited historic Boston rock clubs like the Rat and the Channel before talking about re-creating and continuing Boston’s arts culture and allowing younger bands the opportunity to rise to a global level.

Gotta tip your cap to that, regardless of your personal thoughts about “Godsmack Day.”

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