Barbarism Begins At Home: Lawsuit claims Morrissey wanted bodyguard to ‘hurt’ superfan


A new lawsuit alleges that Morrissey’s camp fired a bodyguard after the hired muscle refused to cause physical harm to the creator of fan website and online community morrissey-solo.com.

TMZ reports this morning that “the singer’s manager wanted the guy killed” — and the guy in question is David Tseng, longtime operator of the site that Moz has often dismissed as “Morrissey So Low.”

The rift between the musician and the 18-year-old fan site dates back several years, and Morrissey even went so far as to ban Tseng from his concerts in 2011.


Morrissey often uses another site, True To You, to communicate directly with his fans. But now things seemed to have taken a darker turn. From the TMZ report:

Morrissey wanted to turn his security guard into a thug … to hurt a fan he despised, and the singer’s manager wanted the guy killed … so claims the bodyguard in a new lawsuit.

Bradley Steyn claims Morrissey begged him to become his hired muscle … after a San Jose show where he was bum rushed on stage by fans.


Steyn signed on … but claims it quickly became apparent Morrissey had more diabolical plans.

According to Steyn … Morrissey hated the guy who ran one of his fan websites — Morrissey-solo.com — which he felt invaded his personal life. Steyn claims in the suit Morrissey asked if there was a way the fan “could get hurt.”

Steyn claims right in front of Morrissey … the tour manager asked if the fan “could be gotten rid of.” Then they discussed how to get the fan’s home address.

The bodyguard claims he was fired the day after rejecting the proposal, and was forced to file the lawsuit. TMZ’s attempts to reach Morrissey, not surprisingly, were not successful. Expect a statement dismissing this situation on True To You shortly.


Morrissey’s latest record, World Peace Is None Of Your Business, is out now on Harvest Records.