Shine Like Morning: Listen to the gleaming new Child Actor single, ‘Last Time’

Earlier this month it was announced that the upcoming Child Actor album, Never Die, would be delayed until September. It was a bummer, especially after hearing the promise of first single “Against The Night,” which built on the beautifully textured electronic pop saccharine of Vanyaland favorites like their Promise EP and 2012’s Victory full-length.

The silver lining in Never Die’s postponement would be more time to let the singles saturate; Child Actor’s songs reveal new sonic layers with each listen, and while we’re usually greedy for new music, sometimes it’s best to let intricate songs marinate a bit.

So today we’re given the follow-up to “Against The Night” in the gleaming, morning-pop synth-stretch of “Last Time,” and it’s trademark Child Actor: producer Max Heath merges sounds and aural emotions in exploring the depths of electronic music, while vocalist Natalie Plaza rides the heavens above it.

We’re running out of things to write about this Connecticut/Massachusetts duo, but we want to constantly hype their work. It’s some of the finest, most engaging, and effective electro-pop being made this days. When we get to fully digest Never Die this fall, it might be slightly overwhelming.

Listen to “Last Time” below via Soundcloud, and download the track courtesy of Top Spin.