That’s So Not Fancy: SoCal rapper Madd Mary puts Iggy Azalea on blast in ‘Eff Iggy’


So much for us all getting caught up in Nicki Minaj’s vague feud with Iggy Azalea after the BET Awards last week. Turns out, SoCal rapper Madd Mary has had it UP TO FREAKIN’ HERE with the Australian hip-hop diva, putting her on blast in a new diss track appropriately titled “Eff Iggy.”

This is one way to get recognized.

But what’s also evident here is Madd Mary’s skills.


It’s one thing to talk shit, it’s another to back it up, even if we over here at Vanya HQ have no problem with Iggy and her mega-jam “Fancy” (but you already know). Check out Madd Mary’s “Eff Iggy” cut via Soundcloud, then read along to the lyrics after the embed.

Shit is raw.


Madd Mary “Eff Iggy” lyrics, via Soundcloud…

This chicken Iggy been iggin’ me on
From day one you been poppin’ your gums
And I’ve been waitin’ patiently to respond
Killin’ you off to the beat of the drum
The heat of my gun will eat at your lung
Pagan Jezebel, I’m about to know you off your pedestal
Revoke your ghetto passes, you honorary blackness
Classless, practically begging to get that ass kicked
Prejudiced trash, send you back to Aussie land strapped for cash
Bound and gagged with your hosiery slashed
A gang of plastic explosives explosives attached to your calf
With a massive impact that will snap you in half
Body in a Hefty bag in the back of a cab
With defective (brake) pads, and a full tank of gas
Run you off a crag, all that’s left of you ash
Call up your Mom & Dad, try not to laugh when I tell them
Little Amethyst suffered damage, had a bad accident, passed

Think you got permission to rock?
Cus you were suckin’ South niggas off and listened to Pac?
Soon as they popped the britches you were itchin’ to drop
Sickening to watch how the media done christened you hot
Iggy you not, you should be at Kentucky Fried swishin’ a mop
Like a FEMA drill Iggy’s a prop
When you claimed to be the realest it had me in stitches
Nothing about you is authentic what the hell are you sniffin’?
You talk it, we live it, you moderately gifted mimic
Parasitic, synthetic, expressionless gimmick
Effeminate, wanna-be niggerish, temporary immigrant
Ignorant, impudent child of wealth and white privilege
Who benefits from the oppressive agenda of white suprmacists

Mija, do me a favor, go dig a ditch
You and them coon ass niggas you kick it with
Spineless hypocrites get in line to co-sign ya
But at the same time wouldn’t hesitate to malign a
Black woman for speakin’ her mind they undermine her
Call me a bitter black bitch, say that I’m hatin’
Call me a racist, you’re just too damn afraid to engage in
An intelligent conversation about misappropriation of Hip-Hop
Sellouts they never say sh**
They on some fake, shuck-and-jive with a great big ass grape
Kool-Aid smile on their faces, I hate it
I’m the only woman man enough to stand up
I’m calling out this Iggy fraud
Your execution will be televised for audience
Call your sycophants, apologists your entourage
Bloggers, reporters, Twitter followers and co-signers
I’ll never live in silence, not afraid to spit the gruesome truth, unsuitable for minors
So Iggy this one’s for you in case you need a reminder
Get a clue, eff you and the dude that signed ya