Summer Jam Alert: Hit the half-court with the Derevolutions’ ‘Take It To The Hoop’


Look we’re gonna keep the chit-chat here to a minimum.

But if you’re headed out around town on this beautiful spring day, maybe about to get a half-court game of hoops going on down at Ringer Park in Allston, download the fuck out of this new jam from Boston duo the Derevolutions.

The Boston project features Brett Boucher formerly of Northampton band the Fantasies, and Anna DeCosta of 28 Degrees Taurus and Slowdim fame.


“Take It To The Hoop” will put a little jump in your step, a little swagger in your bones. It’ll make life a little sunnier on an already sunny day. And it’s probably hazardous to your health if listened to indoors.

Drink it up.