Vanyaland Premiere: PowerSlut get naughty on the MBTA with ‘Commuter Rail Me’


Ever since we’ve been old enough to ride the subway, we’ve played that time-honored mental brain-game to help pass the time: “If you had to sleep with one person on this car, who would it be?”

Clearly that’s what kicking around the musical heads of Boston alt-rock quartet PowerSlut, who today sex up the MBTA in ways previously thought impossible with “Commuter Rail Me.” It’s a nice dose of early-’90s guitar-rock mixed with slutty urges, and it’s sure to spice up that commute.

And it gives the phrase “Riding the T” a whole new meaning.


The raunchy “Commuter Rail Me” has it all: references to “suspicious packages,” dissing the Green Line for never, uh, ejaculating, and nods to Park Street Station, where “everyone gets off.”

Well shit.

“The song is basically an innuendo-laden ode to the MBTA,” says singer/guitarist Linnea Herzog.

The kinky jam — complete with “clean version” — is the first single off PowerSlut’s full-length debut, With Great Power Comes Great Slut. It gets… released… July 3 at T.T. The Bear’s Place in Cambridge, on a bill with Streight Angular, Hope and the Husbands, and A Bunch of Jerks. You can also catch PowerSlut June 21 at the Harvard Square Make Music Festival (just cover your kid’s virgin ears) and July 18 at the Middle East.

Check out “Commuter Rail Me” below, and change the way you ride the T forever.

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