DJ Live Stream In Da House: Now DJs don’t even have to show up to the club


A new technology that’s generated nearly $2 million in early investments is banking on EDM fans going to a DJ-less club to dance the night away. Kinda.

Mixify Clubcast is a developing service that will let DJs stream their sets directly into nightclubs without the audacity, of you know, having to actually be there.

With Mixify Clubcast, a DJ can set up anywhere and stream his set into nightclubs around the world — and even “read” the crowd via webcam. He or she can spin multiple parties at once, or simply keep the party going in Boston while s/he’s all the way out in London. So if this shit catches on, you can dance to Laidback Luke at Royale while he’s in his underwear in a Tokyo hotel room, or rip it up at the Middle East while Le Castle Vania checks in from some hip Los Angeles rooftop. Travel be damned.


It’s all kinda like that movie Up In The Air, only with DJing and nightclubs and not firing people in the workforce, and in the end no one is as cool as Anna Kendrick.

Honestly, this whole fucking thing reads like a parody post, so if we’re being fooled, we apologize, and just take note in the fact that we assume it could, should, and will eventually be real. Deadmau5 was right — the end is near.

From Australia’s Music Feeds:


As Betabeat reports, Clubcast is a new platform founded by EDM live-streaming service Mixify, which allows venues to stream an HD video feed of a DJ’s performance directly into their premises. Clubcast uses a two-way video system, so that not only can punters view the DJ, but the DJ can also watch their audience to gauge their reactions to the music and change their set accordingly.

“Clubcast is the next frontier in live events for the music industry — for fans, artists and venues,” said Mixify founder David Moricca. “With Clubcast’s technology, we are not only breaking geographic barriers, but also creating a way for artists to reach new markets and for venues to maximise their offerings to party goers, while adding new streams of revenue to their businesses.”

Clubcast has already attracted investments totalling $1.8 million from Australia’s CMB Capital, Tim McGee and Richard Mergler of Ministry of Sound Australia, DJ Tommy Trash, and others.

Here’s the video demo…


[embedvideo id=”16TeNKgMBWg” website=”youtube”]