Snapshot-Pop: Listen to the electro-bangin’ new SPF 5000 EP, ‘Take My Picture’


Anyone who reads this music news website knows of our love affair with Amy Douglas. We’ve spilled much digital ink over her recent projects, the rowdy rock and roll powderkeg called Feints and the nu-disco musical make-out session that’s Sunrise Highway. But all this posting <3s on each other's social media began with SPF 5000, the Somerville-based electro trio that first sexed up my ears in 2011 with the vibro-pulse of “White Hot Fantasy,” which made me feel like I was a teenager back on Long Island listing to WKTU at 3 a.m. I got hooked.

Now SPF are back on the dance floor with the Take My Picture EP, out today on Knight Time Records/The Sleepover Party. It’s both a 20-minute package of fresh new dance sounds and the end of an era.

“This is our idea of modern pop, and our last kiss with electro,” Douglas tells Vanyaland. “From here on out we will look and sound different but this EP was designed to be your go-to summer party soundtrack and it was inspired by Somerville, Brooklyn, and The Pill.”


Aww, shucks. We’re glad two of those are still operational.

Speaking of dance nights, there’s more than enough here to fill more than a few floors of varying sounds across town. “Hit The Ground Running” has enough adrenaline to get you sweating at your desk, and “Watch Me Rise” is some of the best tech-funk we’ve heard in ages, but Take My Picture might be best heard as a whole. Hit the front porch and fire it up below…