Clark Bar: St. Vincent’s SNL performance tonight freaked a lot of people out

St. Vincent’s brilliance is certainly not for everyone, and we had a feeling her performance tonight on Saturday Night Live would be pretty polarizing. The lady born Annie Clark played two songs on the Andy Samberg-hosted SNL season finale, including current single “Digital Witness” and “Birth In Reverse,” which featured some pretty trippy synchronized guitar- and foot-work.

Both are from her February self-titled record off Loma Vista/Republic, which should garner a lot of Record of the Year props come December.

UPDATE: Watch “Digital Witness” and “Birth In Reverse” below:

[HD] St. Vincent – Digital Witness – SNL 5-17-14 by IdolxMuzic

[HD] St. Vincent – Birth In Reverse – SNL 5-17-14 by IdolxMuzic

Unsurprisingly, St. Vincent’s spectacle show led to a lot of confused tweets across our good land.

Here is a quick sample of the reaction to the former Berklee College of Music student…

But, you know, this pretty much sums it up…

    1. No, that was Andy Kaufman a hundred and fifty years ago. Unfortunately, the same idiot still holds those reins. Kick him back to Canada, now, please.

  1. A lot of the tweets aren’t even saying that she’s weird – they’re saying that she’s not very good. This sounds like a manufactured story – you couldn’t even find enough tweets. I’m wondering if St. Vincent’s marketing team paid you to write this story. *shrug*. It’s pretty slick marketing.

  2. She sounds like an artist who listened to a ton of Beatles and 80’s pop music and just takes her self waaay too seriously.

    This music is not weird at all, people. Listen to Xiu Xiu or Captain Beefheart if you want weird.
    (Captain Beefheart was actually on SNL too back in the 80s. WAAAAY weirder music.)

    1. you know what’s really boring?
      people in 2014 who namedrop Captain Beefheart whenever there’s a discussion about weird music.

      1. Right? Van Vliet’s work is SO pedestrian. When I want “weird” I settle for nothing less than Menachem Zur’s seminal “Chants, for magnetic tape” or the latest release by Zanzibar Snails.

  3. I couldn’t help but be reminded of the 90’s Batman movie when they were playing the first song on SNL. It had that princey 80/90’s revival thing going. That song literally could have been on the Batman soundtrack back then and would have fit perfectly.

        1. Music sounds good to me.
          I know MP3s aren’t the mightiest format in the world, but Ipods are a great invention I don’t know what I’d do without mine. By the way

          1. Download flac/lossless format of choice, convert to apple lossless, get good audio quality on your ipod. Easy fix.

        2. Yeah, because everyone knows that *true* aficionados carry around turntables and vinyl with them. It’s the only real way to properly enjoy music whilst on the bus.

          1. Turntables are for proles. Music can only be truly appreciated in a live setting. That’s why I’ve hired a 5 piece bluegrass band to follow me around playing wherever I go.

    1. Yeah exactly. “Hey I will shuffle forward and you backward won’t that look cool?” Michael Marott and the rest of America. “Brilliant”

  4. It’s not that people didn’t “get” it. They wasn’t anything to get. She’s just another artist, and I use that term loosely, who thinks replacing ability and a unique perspective with enough eclectic, strange oddness makes you a good musician. The funny thing is that those who keep promoting and booking her are so perhaps apprehensive of missing possible greatness they’re buying into it. The musical style is a very toned down ineffective imitation of the musical style put forth by people like jack white, with pointless pretentious awkwardness in place of fresh genuine talent. Hopefully it will quickly pass, I’m glad that Death Cab for Cutie concert I attended didn’t have her as an opener that would have been depressing.

    1. You’ve got to be kidding. St. Vincent is an insanely talented and unique guitar player, and in addition to that she’s been making some of the most simultaneously sophisticated and catchy music of the last few years. That said the new album/this performance are kind of out there, yes, but why feel the need to dump on someone for trying to do something interesting? Someone like Lady Gaga is a hack performer being weird for the sake of PR points. This was not. So in short…yeah, you don’t get it. There’s nothing wrong with that. I just don’t see why you have to lash out because you’re too brain washed to deal with something that’s outside of the norm.

        1. I’ve been playing for 15 years. She’s really inventive, more than anything, though this isn’t the performance to judge it by. I would listen to more than one performance before judging.

    2. Wow, you compare her to Jack White (?!?) and mention that you went to a Death Cab For Cutie. You are hereby banned from expressing any and all opinions on music on the Internet.

      It would’ve been fine if you compared her to say DAVID BOWIE, but Jack White? Do you even know what he sounds like?

  5. Anyone who “doesn’t get” St Vincent or doesn’t think they were clearly the best musical act on SNL this decade has shit for brains and knows nothing about music. Annie Clark absolutely slayed. All clueless haters can just GTF back to your X-Boxes and your walkers.

    If you don’t get it you re either too old or too dumb. Thatisall.

    1. My Dearest Maltboy:

      I am a Professional Rock Musician; what the hell are you, 12? SNL is a fetid, rotting corpse.
      It is perfect for you.

      You would like to be praised, wouldn’t you? You are a total idiot, and a complete Tool with
      delusions of discernment. “They”? ‘St. Vincent’ is the name of the Act, not the band, little
      man. It’s composition regularly changes. But, you will ALWAYS be as pretentious as ‘she’.

      Annie Clark is a scrawny, untalented Poser. And, THAT is all. She’s all yours, Tiny.

      1. Professional musician is another name for a wannabe loser who thinks he can play a guitar. You bums are a dime a dozen. Go smoke a joint and play jukebox hero.

  6. Let’s clear the air, here. Annie has no brilliance on guitar, she is barely competent. She does not
    “shred” in the slightest. She is just well-rehearsed. Her tunes are pedestrian, and highly derivative.
    And her ‘new’ image is beyond contrived – it’s, also, about 35 years too late. Trying to force this
    amalgam of pretensions down our throats will leave her waitress-ing at ‘Hooters’. She has over
    extended herself into an indefensible position, from which there is no escape. She is well-advised
    to save her money. It will dwindle, shortly.

    Those trying desperately to cast her as ‘cool’, such as the above writer, can have all they want of
    her current claptrap. Letterman is equally over-eager to be somehow ‘relevant’ before he vanishes,
    and has left her appearance prominently still available for viewing on his website. It won’t help. She’s
    a sow’s ear, not a silk purse.

    There is nothing in her pose to warrant attention, praise or even interest. It is devoid of artistic merit.

    Those who do not ‘get’ her are correct: there is nothing to ‘get’. She sold out cheap for some magic beans.

    There exists no improvement, or progress, evidenced in her recordings. They are the same folderol in
    a slightly different package. How ‘hip’. “New”?: Nothing.