Interview: eSGi crew on Boston’s club scene, collectives, and taking tonight’s party to Good Life


There’s an old saying that two is company and three’s a crowd, but Boston’s eSGi crew wants to expand even further. Comprised of DJ Goulet, DJ Thaddeus Jeffries & photographer/hype-man Guarionex “Guario” Rodriguez, eSGi want to throw parties, bring people together, & have us dance to the music, Sly & The Family Stone-style. With the aid of their regulator Lupe & graphic designer Miguel, the collective has seamlessly executed the funk in the underground. eSGi comes up for air tonight at Good Life in Boston ($5 before 11 p.m., $10 after), with special guest Nadus to bring us Jersey Club, footwork, & a good time.

We tossed a few questions at the group, collectively, and here’s what they had to say. Read up, get to know the crew & bask in the revelry this Friday evening.

Georgette Bibber: How did the three of you individually meet? Do you believe your personalities mesh well?


We were all depressed on the Saturday night scenes. Goulet formally known as DJ Auly G had it with the Top 40 scene, Thaddeus was a douchebag promoter who promoted all the Irish pubs in Southie, Guarionex was club photographer for quinceñaras, and Lupe ran security at the club Goulet spun at. We all joined a Boston party support group. So all of us had a common interest in making a free interesting party for the Boston night scene.

What was the motivation behind forming a kind of collective (DJs + photographer) & starting a party? When did it first begin?

It started informally as a birthday party. We didn’t make it official after 3 months hosting this party. we all agreed that Boston needed a new scene on a Saturday night. Our first party was called after the variety show, Sabado Gigante, because it landed on Saturday, Cinco de Mayo. After we made the party official we tried to emulate the spirit of the show by keeping things random.

I’ve been fortunate enough to attend your events; they vary in style from art show openings, house get-togethers, barbecues, & now your first party at a proper bar, Goodlife. Care to describe this evolution? Was it intentional or did you go with the flow?


It wasn’t an evolution. All of our parties are completely random. We could have done a party at a bar on our first year, but we wanted to explore other places and expose different spaces that get no love from the city. Part of the fun of the party is the unexpectedness and surprise when we throw our parties. So essentially we just go with the flow.

Do any of you have a favorite memory from your curated gatherings?

When the cops busted one of our infamous last house parties, a drunk kid almost caught a Rodney King after charging the police officer. The same police were chilling at the party before crashing it. A quote from the police “Damn, I really like this music, it’s really good actually, it’s unfortunate that we have to bust it.”

The musical acts you feature refreshingly form a wide spectrum, I’m guessing you don’t discriminate in sticking to a particular genre?

Hell Nah. We are trying to expose as many different artist and genres that we like. We all have a wide taste in music so we just want to show music love to our crowd. We praise the different party scenes around the world, so we want to bring a taste of that to our parties. We do discriminate the typical Boston club music that you can easily find. At the start of each party, we will remind the DJs to play what their heart desires because we trust our DJs to get people’s ass to shake.


Tell us more about Nadus. How does he fit with your movement?

He’s one of the foremost figures in the Jersey Club scene. Not only he’s a great producer but he’s an excellent DJ. His taste in music varies, so we needed a DJ that can keep up with our crowd.

Where will your next party be, what kinda space?

We don’t know, no one ever knows. But look for something coming soon, follow all of our social medias for updates.