Mighty Roar: Get into the glory of spring and listen to the Sun Lions’ new single, ‘Best of Me’


Sometime last year we came across the Sun Lions’ cassette release of Adeleine, a collection of scrappy guitar rock tunes that had us thinking there was more goodness on the way from the young Boston trio. At three songs — and none longer than 2:19 — Adeleine felt like it was best heard as a whole, with no one track sticking out more than the other two.

We knew the promise was there, but we were just waiting for… the single.

On April 20 of this year, that single arrived in “Best Of Me,” a remarkably anthemic celebration of ’90s-ish rock and roll that’s at times in debt to the Replacements and other times to the Foo Fighters. It’s as catchy Tuukka Rask’s glove hand.


So it’s no surprise that “Best Of Me” is one of our favorite new tracks to come out of Boston in recent months — and already a mainstay on our Vanya Radio. Tonight the single gets the proper release party treatment at the Middle East in Cambridge, and joining the Lions on the Illegally Blind bill are New Legs, Waylon Speed, and Vermont’s the Pilgrims.

Roll down the car windows, play hooky from class, or do whatever springtime displays of jubilation you are prone to during pleasant May afternoons and fire up “Best of Me” below.

Feels kinda good.

Sun Lions Flyer