Route 666: Watch the Devil’s Twins’ new SXSW documentary short, ’10 Minutes of Mischief’

Earlier today we noted the treacherous drive one endures from Boston to Austin en route to SXSW. Clearly, we were in the wrong car, as the Devil’s Twins embarked on the same trip back in March with a bit more excitement.

The Boston noir-punk trio strung together a handful of tour dates to and from, hitting hotspots like Clarksville, Arkansas, and Fort Myers, Florida, and the whole experience has been condensed into a fast-action 600-second short documentary, “10 Minutes of Mischief.”

“Until this point, we haven’t had an opportunity to expose who we are as people, as a newly traveling sibling band, and what we mean when we say mischief underneath the patches, tattoos and leather jackets,” singer/guitarist Jeremiah Louf tells Vanyaland. “The collection of clips is from the band and crew members and wasn’t intended to be a film short, but when we pieced it together, we felt it gave a glimpse of our growing story that we wanted to be told on our first tour as The Devil’s Twins.”

We’re down with everything shown up there, with the exception of the Taco Bell hate. There goes that Feed the Beat sponsorship, yo.

In the meantime, catch the Devil’s Twins Saturday at the Middle East on a pretty fab bill with Petty Morals, Powerslut, and Adam PC.

Adam PC flyer

And here’s some more sounds from ze Twins…