Say When: Declare ‘It’s Got To Be Now’ and watch the arty new music video from Aloud


Photo by Michael Basu

When we last caught up with Aloud back in February, the homegrown rock and roll veterans had just put the finishing kisses on new single “It’s Got To Be Now,” the first offering from their fourth studio record that dropped last month. With the It’s Got To Be Now record release party fast-approaching this Friday at the Middle East in Cambridge, we have some sights to accompany the sounds.

They say YouTube is the new MTV, and kids today hear things with their eyes. So look this way and listen up, weird-ass mutant eye-ear children.


The “It’s Got To Be Now” is a cool, vintage-art lyric video, with direction and illustration by Erin Genett, animation by Stephen LoVerme, and production by Treebeard Media. It gets all sorts of trippy at the end, just like the Aloud live show.

Get your fill on Friday when the crew is joined by the Bynars — who released a cool new tune just last week — as well as our rock and roll BFFs the Field Effect and DJ Panda.

Here’s the art-forward flyer…


Aloud flyer