Woop-Woop: British cop car uses KRS-One’s ‘Sound Of Da Police’ instead of regular siren


While New York City police are currently dealing with a social media nightmare on twitter, cops over in the United Kingdom are redefining how they alert citizens to their oncoming presence. A squad car in the Essex town of Chemlsford has replaced its traditional siren with KRS-One’s 1993 song about police brutality, “Sound Of Da Police.”

Woop! Woop! It’s the sound of getting reprimanded by the chief.

KRS-One just performed at the Middle East in Cambridge on April 17. Too bad this clip didn’t surface sooner or we would have asked the Bronx rapper about it.


Check out the video up top. Here’s word according to Metro UK:

Police in Essex raised a smile as they were filmed blaring out KRS-One’s Sound Of Da Police from their patrol car.

A video shows the marked police car driving through Chelmsford town centre over the bank holiday weekend with the hip hop song playing from a loudspeaker.


An Essex reveller recording the amusing scene can be heard giggling to the song, which has the line: ‘Woop, woop, it’s the sound of the police.’

It was uploaded on to YouTube by Ross Burton on April 22.

An Essex Police spokesman said: ‘We have viewed the footage and are looking into the matter.’

Here’s the original: