‘So snotty right now’: Thanks, Coachella, why’d you have to go and get Lorde sick?


Here’s a sentence that’s probably been typed a million times since last year: It’s been a wild few days for Lorde. First the teen pop queen showed up on stage with the surviving members of Nirvana Thursday night to sing “All Apologies” at the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in Brooklyn, and last night she hit the opposite coast to perform at Coachella.

The travel, the excess, the everything might have finally caught up to her, because holy shit Lorde is now feeling ill.

Thanks, Coachella. Thanks a lot. Don’t make us get Jon Taffer in there to shut everything down.


“#coachellacold i’m so snotty right now i can’t even do a neti pot,” Lorde just tweeted/Instagrammed a few minutes ago, also telling of encounters with Pharrell, Tyler, the Creator, and Diplo. Ahhh, to be young.

Earlier today she offered: “playing coachella yesterday night was just the craziest thing. brb now scrubbing dust from my body/life.”

But now she’s got the flu. Hopefully she can rest up during the week before being back on the Indio stage Saturday night.


Here are some more shot from her Coachella performance, with video of the full set up top.