Vanyaland Premiere: Get ‘Under The Alders’ in Doom Lover’s haunting new single


Doom Lover are a tough act to peg. The new-ish Boston band that built a early following without even releasing a tune has followed up on the social media promise with a handful of intricate, meandering singles in recent months, each offering a relatively different sound.

The latest of the breaking-point bunch is “Under The Alders,” which we are pleased to premiere today on Vanyaland. The five-minute-plus track is a haunting lesson in spooky post-rock, and is available for free download via the Doom Lover Bandcamp, It can also be previewed below.

“Under The Alders” is a nice sonic warm-up for Doom Lover’s participation in the 35th annual Rock And Roll Rumble, where the crew will battle it out on April 7’s Night 2 at T.T. The Bear’s Place against Emma Ate The Lion, Goddamn Draculas, and When Particles Collide.


We’re not sure if anyone has Rumble’d with a theremin before. Lookout!

And BTW, if you remain just outside the spellbinding trace of Doom, fire up this tidy primer video.