Where Is My Design? Pixies ask fans to create poster for new album ‘Indie Cindy’


While the announcement Monday that Massachusetts’ beloved Pixies would be combining three recent EPs into a full-length album dubbed Indie Cindy was kinda cool, fans – at least the artsy ones – now have something to get really amped about. Along with graphic artist Vaughan Oliver the band is calling upon the Pixies’ artistic community to participate in a contest where art and music converge.

Black Francis, Joey Santiago and David Lovering are looking for “committed fans and artists” to create a unique Pixies-inspired design measuring 11″ X 17″ (279mm x 432mm) that utilizes Pixies logos and the Indie Cindy album title. Everything else can be a product of the artist’s creativity and ingenuity.

“We love the idea that people make our music their own,” said Francis. “That they have their own interpretation of the lyrics and the songs’ meanings. So, we’re really excited to see what the artists in our fan base come up with in terms of visuals, how they ‘see’ our music.”

Indie Cindy, Out April 29
Indie Cindy, out April 29

All submissions will be personally judged by the three Pixies band members and Oliver, who designed all the group’s album covers as well as those for acts like Lush and Throwing Muses. The winning designer will receive a cash prize of $500 and an autographed copy of the winning piece. The design itself will be used as a limited-edition, commemorative lithograph print that will be offered as a bonus item with the purchase of Indie Cindy, set for release April 29, at independent music stores.

The contest is being hosted by Creative Allies, an online art community and fan engagement platform that provides visual artists with opportunities to design for musicians, festivals and brands. For more information on how to submit the design, check out the Creative Allies website.