Least Of Eden: Justin Bieber thinks he’s James Dean now, strikes a familiar pose


Anyone got a Porsche 550 Spyder for sale? Justin Bieber got his James Dean on over the weekend, paying tribute to the late iconic actor with a look-alike photo on Instagram.

But even though Bizzle has a cigarette — excuse us a ciggy — dangling from his lips, he stamped out a public relations fire before one could begin: “Don’t ask me if I smoke ciggys cuz I don’t,” he wrote with the pic.

Score one for the management team. Finally.

Here’s the full photo:


And Biebz’ post:

  1. “Score one for the management team. Finally.”

    Shocking how dreadful they are. Nice post VL. Titles a little nasty. Be really brave, and DON’T join the sheep-hate of someone who’s been dealing with it daily for months.

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