Boston Hassle moves Bleeding Rainbow show from Tasty Burger to private Jamaica Plain space

Tomorrow night’s Bleeding Rainbow show was originally supposed to happen at Tasty Burger in Harvard Square, but after the shitshow that transpired this past weekend, the promoters have moved the show to a private house space in Jamaica Plain.

Boston Hassle announced the relocation last night on Facebook, and also stated that Tasty Burger has cancelled all upcoming live shows. We are currently looking to confirm that, but do know this weekend’s Eye Design shows Friday and Saturday night are not happening as planned

For tomorrow night’s show, Boston’s Bent Shapes, Fat Creeps, and Grateful Dead cover band Dedicated Hands were also on the bill with Bleeding Rainbow, who are on tour from Philadelphia.

“Why is the show being moved from Tasty Burger?” Boston Hassle wrote on the event’s Facebook page. “After a friend’s show was prematurely ended (during the opening band’s set of a 3 band bill that included a touring band) by the owner of TASTY BURGER we have decided that we cannot take the chance of such a situation reoccurring.”

Boston Hassle’s note continued: “If you are going to host rock bands @ your venue, if you’re going to invite them into your venue, you cannot ask those bands to TURN DOWN. And you most certainly cannot end a show during the first of several sets because the band that you asked to turn down refuses to do so. Actually run a venue or don’t, no one is forcing anything on Tasty Burger.”

For details on the JP location, hit up Boston Hassle or the Facebook event page.

Here’s Bleeding Rainbow’s latest tune, “Tell Me,” via Kanine Records: