Best wager between the USA and Canada in Olympic hockey? Loser keeps Justin Bieber


There’s a lot at stake in tomorrow’s men’s hockey Olympic match-up between the United States and Canada. Like, the chance to play for a gold medal, bragging rights between two increasingly-bitter rivals, and the opportunity to make Sidney Crosby cry like the little bitch that he is.

But one meme making the internet rounds today has raised the stakes — whoever loses tomorrow’s game in Sochi must keep Justin Bieber. The Canadian pop star has been in frequent trouble with the law in recent months, and as you know, a petition to have him deported was signed pretty much the entire US population.

Since we have Stanley Cup-winning goaltender Jonathan Quick between the pipes (and not Roberto Luongo or Carey Price), we like our chances.

Let’s send the Biebs back home. For good.

[h/t Hockey, there is nothing else]

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