For All The Boys & Girls: Sidewalk Driver become Legos, just in time for Rock N Romp


When the Sinclair hosts the latest family-friendly Rock N Romp show this Sunday, it’s likely most of the young kids in the audience will already have seen the Lego Movie. But they probably will never have before seen a Tad McKitterick.

The flamboyant singer of glam-rock band Sidewalk Driver should put on quite a spectacle at the all-ages Cambridge show (and by all-ages, we mean parents with small children, which are required to attend). McKitterick is also an overwhelming visual presence, even for adults. So to perhaps ease him into the fantasy land of children, illustrator Nicole Anguish of Daykamp Creative has turned McKitterick into a Lego. In fact, now all of Sidewalk Driver can make that claim.

And yes, it’s awesome.


“This month’s poster was inspired by The Old Woman Who Lives In A Shoe, but I made Tad the dad, and instead of a shoe, it’s his sparkly boot,” says Anguish, who is curating the show. [See the poster below.] “And Kate, Jonn, Jared and AJ are the kids. Sidewalk Driver loved it and wanted to use it for a special t-shirt for the Rock N Romp show. I wasn’t sure that design would work as a tee, so I suggested making them into Legos instead.”

Anguish and her husband, photographer and artist Johnny, took their kids to see the Lego Movie this past weekend.

“My kids love Sidewalk Driver and Legos, so it seemed like a good idea!” she adds. “They’ll be selling the shirts on Sunday, and I always have my Rock N Romp posters for sale as well, so there will be plenty of merch available for the kiddos!”


McKitterick was not surprised by how cool the design came out. “The thing is, I’ve learned how good she is, so I would’ve been more surprised had it not been awesome!” he jokes. “But yeah, it was hard not to be thrilled once I saw it realized.”

Despite Anguish’s resume of making show posters, this is her first attempt at recreating a Boston rock band into a famous toy.

“I’ve never made a band into Legos before,” Anguish says. “The Field Effect would make good Legos, though. I would draw Annie wearing her cheeseburger shirt!”

BOWERY BOSTON AND GIRL FRIDAY INDUSTRIES PRESENT: ROCK N ROMP WITH SIDEWALK DRIVER + AIRPORT :: Sunday, February 23 @ The Sinclair, 52 Church St., Cambridge :: 11:30 a.m., all ages (duh), $10 for adults / $5 kids under 13 :: advance tickets


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