Catch The Tweets: Shoegaze legends Slowdive open a Twitter account — is a reunion next?

Late last year Rachel Goswell joined her longtime friend Neil Halstead live on stage in London, giving a glimmer of hope to a Slowdive reunion. The two founding members of the Reading shoegaze band hadn’t appeared together on stage in more than 10 years, and we’re fast approaching the 20th anniversary of the band’s 1995 demise.

But rumors are re-flying this weekend, as a Slowdive twitter account has quietly popped up online. It hasn’t been verified, but the official Slowdive Facebook page posted the link on Friday. WZBC’s Flyweight points out that Goswell is the account’s first follower, and the rest of the band — Christian Savill, Nick Chaplin, and Simon Scott — are all linked as well.

Halstead is not following @SlowdiveBand, but then again, he hasn’t tweeted since 2009.

With the reunited success of My Bloody Valentine the continued interest in the shoegaze genre, this kind of reunion seems inevitable. Most summer festival lineups have already been announced, so any type of reunion might be relegated to European club shows later in the year. We’ll cross our yankee fingers for Coachella 2015 or something like that.

Oh, and BTW — Slowdive haven’t actually tweeted anything yet, so stay tuned…

And good looks, Flyweight; you made our morning.

And the start of it all…