Pumpin’ Up: Watch the teaser clip for ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers,’ sound tracked by NONONO


We’ve been huge fans of Swedish electro-pop trio NONONO ever since we first wrapped our tender earbuds around their breakout hit “Pumpin’ Blood,” which features the best indie whistling since the days when everyone cared about Peter, Bjorn & John. “Pumpin’ Blood” was a weekly crowd favorite during late-night dance sets at the pill in Boston and came in officially as my Number 3 Song of 2013. It beat out “Wrecking Ball.”

Now the jubilant synthpop track should reach mainstream audiences as the backing tune on a new promo for NBC’s upcoming Late Night with Seth Meyers. The Saturday Night Live star is getting his own late night show, replacing Jimmy Fallon, who heads to the Tonight Show, and it’s sure to do very well.

Late Night with Seth Meyers premieres on February 24, 2014.


Meanwhile, NONONO are as psyched as we are to see “Pumpin’ Blood” getting the love from the US networks.

Here’s the full track for your listening pleasures…