Year in ReView: Vanyaland’s Top 10 Posts of 2013 …beginning in May, of course

It was quite a year for Vanyaland, made all the more remarkable given our year actually began on May 15. Since our re-launch, the site has grown way beyond our original projections, and a big reason for that were the stories that broke out beyond Boston and were picked up around the word. Everyone loves a good cancellation notice, a stern letter, or just some good old-fashioned ass-hattery. And 2013 was full of all that noise.

Here’s our Top 10 Posts of 2013, based on a combination of page views, social media shares, comments, and other factors. It makes sense that the list is bookended by Miley, who we dedicated quite a bit of attention to. To quote Sean Bateman, “Deal with it, rock and roll.”

10. Egyptian general Abdel Fattah el-Sisi battling Miley Cyrus in Time’s ‘Person of the Year’ readers poll, December 2


9. College cancels next week’s sold-out Death In June show at Salem Old Town Hall [UPDATE] The show will go on… but where?, September 13


8. Pittsburgh-area singer wishes Boston gets bombed again, gets kicked out of his band, June 1


7. Report: MBTA will extend weekend service to 3 a.m.; program to launch in March or April 2014, December 2


6. Death Grips show cancelled after promoter learns there’s really no ‘show’ at all, August 6


5. T.T.’s cancels Friday’s sold-out Cold Cave show due to concerns over opener Boyd Rice, June 26

Boyd Rice

4. Frozen in Time: Hipsters and douchebags posing for video when they think they are posing for a photo is the new Best Thing Ever, November 20


3. How terrible is Priyanka Chopra’s Thursday Night Football song, ‘In My City’?, September 13


2. Read producer Steve Albini’s incredible four-page letter to Nirvana, September 25


1. They Don’t Care About U: Read Sinead O’Connor’s open letter to Miley Cyrus, October 2

Sinead OConnor