Live Forever: Here are the 10 best Britpop records turning 20 in 2014

Yesterday we unveiled 25 records that are turning 25 in 2014. And since we here at Vanyaland like to party like it’s 1994, here are the 10 best Britpop records that will be celebrating a 20th anniversary in the New Year.

And yeah, we’re ranking these, because Suede will always be better than Oasis and Blur.

1.) Suede – Dog Man Star
Suede’s sophomore album saw both the band maturing as songwriters and the departure of guitarist Bernard Butler.

Notable Tracks: “We Are the Pigs,” “the Wild Ones,” “the Asphalt World”


2.) Oasis – Definitely Maybe
At the time of its release, Definitely Maybe was the fastest-selling debut record in UK history.

Notable Tracks: “Live Forever,” “Supersonic,” “Cigarettes & Alcohol”


3.) Blur – Parklife
The singles from Blur’s third studio album officially brought Britpop from the underground to the mainstream.

Notable Tracks: “Girls & Boys,” “End of a Century,” “Parklife”


4.) Pulp – His ‘N’ Hers
Having already released three studio albums, Pulp finally achieved commercial success with His ‘N’ Hers.

Notable Tracks: “Lipgloss,” “Babies,” “Do You Remember the First Time?”


5.) The Auteurs – Now I’m A Cowboy
This was the Britpop outsiders’ last “pop” record before venturing into artsier territory on 1996’s After Murder Park.

Notable Tracks: “Lenny Valentino,” “New French Girlfriend,” “The Upper Classes”


6.) The Charlatans – Up to Our Hips
The third Charlatans album nods to the band’s baggy roots while also starting to embrace the Britpop sound.

Notable tracks: “Come In Number 21,” “I Never Want An Easy Life If Me and He Were Ever to Get There,” “Can’t Get Out of Bed”


7.) Lush – Split
Lush was still largely shoegaze band in 1994 but some of Split’s singles hinted at the group’s future sound.

Notable Tracks: “Light From A Dead Star,” “Hypocrite,” “Undertow”


8.) Ash – Trailer
Irish teenagers Ash made their debut with this punk-tinged mini-album intended as a trailer for their 1996 debut 1977.

Notable Tracks: “Uncle Pat,” “Jack Names the Planets,” “Intense Thing”


9.) Shed Seven – Change Giver
Shed Seven’s debut received mixed reviews from the critics but is largely remembered as a strong effort.

Notable Tracks: “Dolphin,” “Ocean Pie,” “Casino Girl”

shed seven

10.) These Animal Men – (Come On, Join) The High Society
This glammed-out debut is remembered as a staple of the New Wave of New Wave.

Notable Tracks: “Flawed Is Beautiful,” “Too Sussed?,” “Ambulance”