United State of Pop: DJ Earworm mashes up the 25 top songs of 2013 in under six minutes


If there is one thing we take seriously around here, it’s end-of-the-year mashups. Hell, Steve Porter’s 2009 “That Really Happened” remix for VH-1 remains one of our favorite songs of all time. But these jams are also a good way to catch up on anything you missed off the top of the charts, and San Francisco DJ Earworm has compiled the 25 best-selling singles and videos in one five-and-a-half-minute mash-up megamix.

It’s got all the usual suspects — Lorde, Miley Cyrus, Avicii, Capital Cities, Imagine Dragons… more Miley.

Cool with us.


There’s gotta be a drinking game in here somewhere.