More Cowbell: Win a chance to play live on stage with MGMT this Thursday @ the Orpheum

Photo Credit: Danny Clinch

Back in the day, it was “Time To Pretend.” Now, it’s the real deal.

Vanyaland has the inside track for you to get on stage and play live with MGMT this Thursday night at the Orpheum. Benjamin Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden want YOU to play the cowbell during “Your Life Is A Lie,” and all you got to do is record yourself playing any MGMT song and post the clip to Instagram with the hashtags #BiggerCowbell and #MGMTBoston.


1. Follow @WhoisMGMT on Instagram.

2. Create an Instagram video clip of yourself playing to any MGMT song using the hashtags #BiggerCowbell and #MGMTBoston. Be as creative as you can (cowbell usage earns extra points) because the band is watching!

3. Winners will be selected two days before each participating city’s show date and will receive a message with further instructions from the band in their winning videos’ comment section. Additionally, the band will repost each winners’ video clip and announce his/her name the day of the show.


Need inspiration? Take a listen.

[global_player artist=”MGMT” title=”Your Life Is A Lie (A Sunroof Mix by Daniel Miller and Gareth Jones)” stream=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/113813261/stream” cover=”https://i1.sndcdn.com/avatars-000048925200-443o0x-t200x200.jpg?b09b136″ backlink=”https://soundcloud.com/whoismgmt/your-life-is-a-lie-a-sunroof” id=”58105″ fb=”https://www.facebook.com/mgmt” tw=”http://twitter.com/whoismgmt”]

Winners will be selected soon, so get crackin’. For official rules and more important stuff, click here.