Can’t Go For Rap?: Ballin’ Oates’ hip-hop jams have just won the internet


You hear the name Ballin’ Oates, and you envision something pretty specific. Turns out, DJ Scott Melker hears and sees the same shit you do, only he’s able to execute it perfectly. With the help of those who put their kiss on his list, the Melker Project dropped the Ballin’ Oates EP this week, a five-song collection of Daryl Hall and John Oates’ best material re-imaged as rap joints. It follows up previous hip-hop re-boots of the Beatles and Fleetwood Mac, of course.

We first heard it this morning during the Toucher & Rich Show via 98.5 the Sports Hub, but it turns out that wasn’t just our hangover fucking with us. We scanned Hall & Oates twitter and Facebook pages, but so far it doesn’t seem like the beloved duo has acknowledged the tribute. They did hype their merch store two hours ago, however.

Either way, it’s quite the masterpiece.


Ballin’ Oates is the third EP in a series of compilations produced by The Melker Project, each focusing on a different classic artist. Each Hall & Oates song was completely replayed and remixed by Melker, before blending them with different acapellas.