What does the Masshole say? Ylvis gives us a new state song in ‘Massachusetts’


UPDATE 8:27am EST: Uh-oh, where did the video go? Looks like we have a bit of controversy on our hands, as the “Massachusetts” video has been pulled off YouTube. But don’t worry, our friends at BostInno have a bootleg over on their site. Now we really gotta get the Inside Track involved. Stay tuned…

First it was “The Fox” that spoke. Now it’s the Masshole’s turn.

The Norwegian comedy duo behind the See ‘N Say EDM hit has set their sites on the Bay State in kinda just okay follow-up tune “Massachusetts.”


And while we expected a bit more townie love, a bit more facking Sox khed, and a bit more… well, any sort of proof that these guys have ever stepped foot in our state (no Dunkies product placement?), we’re so desperate for attention that, sure, we’ll buy in: Ylvis have finally given us a reason to update our travel brochures.

Hell, the last time a Norwegian had this much impact on New England, Espen Knutsen was selected by the Hartford Whalers in the 1990 NHL Entry Draft.

In the meantime, we’ll shout out to Attleboro, and shout out to Haverhill, and feel a sense of pride that our beloved Prudential Building is repped in something that will be seen by millions. Governor Patrick, a Ylvis is on Line 1.


We can’t wait for the Inside Track to get to the bottom of this shit in tomorrow’s Herald, especially all the homo-eroticism.

Tom Brady.

Want a real Massachusetts state song? How about Wasted Talent’s masterpiece from a few years ago…