Their shadow: Watch these young school kids absolutely slay Tool’s ’46 and 2′

Last night we posted Alison Gold’s ‘Chinese Food,’ and the collective stomach groan could be heard from here all the way to the halls of Hollywood High School. But not all young teenagers are mired in pop music quicksand these days, and evidenced by Ohio music instructor Aaron O’Keefe. Taking students from his Loveland Music Academy, O’Keefe brought a handful of kids down to the Tracking Room in Nashville to record a blistering cover of Tool’s “46 And 2,” from the Los Angeles hard rock band’s Grammy-winning 1996 record Aenima.

It’s not an easy song to pull off.

The clip first surfaced last month, and already has more than 2.5 million plays on YouTube. Shouldn’t be too long before Maynard James Keenan chimes in on this incredible shadow.

Here’s the original, for reference. Seeing Tool at Lollapalooza back in ’97 or so remains one of my most memorable concert experiences.