Listen to Trophy Lungs’ new single ‘Dad’s Away On Business,’ then get loud with the Boston trio tonight @ TTs


Sometimes coffee won’t do. Sometimes 5-Hour Energy won’t do. Sometimes mainlining a 24-oz. Monster and punching your co-worker in the throat until he STFUs about the Patriots won’t do. The Monday rut don’t mess around. Luckily, there are headphones for all occasions, and the jolt of awesome on this gray-skied start to the workweek comes from Boston pop-punk trio Trophy Lungs.

The dudes, born just last summer from the punk dens of Wolfie Burns, the Tin Thistles, and 3TV’s, have a new 7-inch coming out November 29 on Death To False Hope and Do Or Die Records (Thanksgiving hangover!). The first gulp of that arrives in the shape of “Dad’s Away On Business,” which is streaming on the Lungs’ Bandcamp page. It’s a nice adrenaline shot to start the day, and the catchy-coup hook of “This is all I ever wanted” will have you longing for good times ahead, mostly notably that 5pm whistle.

And if you ask Trophy Lungs nicely, chances are they’ll play it tonight when they ignite T.T. The Bear’s Place in Cambridge on a bill with the Offseason, the New Warden, Mr Fahrenheit, and Yo Ticonderoga. Monday got flipped.


Check out “Dad’s Away On Business” below…

Trophy Lungs No Judgement