Watch a clip of Dan Aykroyd performing live on stage with drag queens at Machine in Boston


First it was Neil Young. Now it’s Dan Aykroyd. Older celebrities just love crashing Boston stages these days. Though we have no idea what the hell is going on in the video below, Machine general manager Sean Caron says that’s Aykroyd himself on stage at the Boylston Street nightclub, joining a few drag queens in closing out the first show at All Star Mondays.

Guess they were right about the “All Star” stuff. Lili Whiteass don’t fuck around.

Aykroyd was apparently at Machine promoting his Crystal Head vodka — you know, the kinda you instantly spot at Marty’s Liquors and debate buying for 30 seconds because it comes in a glass skull bottle but instead opt for the usual fruit-flavored Smirnoff because it’s cheaper and more practical. Yeah, that stuff.


We think Aykroyd’s wearing a mask. We think he’s having a good time. We think… well, it hurts when we think. Who ya gonna ball?

Dan Aykroyd