Blur the lines: T.I. replaces Katy Perry as Cincinnati Bengals intro music

Earlier today we wrote about Cincinnati Bengals fans using social media to “Roar” against their team using Katy Perry’s summer pop hit as intro music in a Monday Night Football game last week against Pittsburgh. Team officials said they would ditch “Roar” this week against Green Bay, and sure enough, there was no Katy Perry to be heard during pre-game introductions at Paul Brown Stadium.

So what did A.J. Green and crew roll out to this afternoon? Nope, not “Welcome to the Jungle” (does Axl want too much in royalties these days? How is that not the only song the Bengals should come out to?) or any other rock-leaning crowd-charger (How about the homegrown Afghan Wigs? Get Wussy to write their own “Song 2”? Maybe the National can show some Queen City pride? “Blood Buzz [Team] Ohio”).

Instead it was …T.I.’s varsity football fave “Bring ‘Em Out.”


We guess that’s a step in the right direction. Surely Packers fans in attendance weren’t laughing like Steelers fans reportedly were last Monday night (though with Aaron Rodgers throwing two picks in a losing effort, the joke would have been on them, anyway).

We’re just glad the Bengals weren’t playing the Falcons, since T.I. hails from Atlanta. That would have been awkward.


(And hey, speaking of T.I., no post on him is complete without showing love to a sure Top-5 Song of the 2000s, the still-amazing “Whatever You Like.” Stacks on deck…)