Lola’s Caturday Countdown: The top posts of the past week, 09.08.13 to 09.14.13

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e know we keep saying we’ve just had the Best Week Ever, but it’s true: the site’s page views have increased steadily, week by week, since our May launch, and this week we were aided mightily by not just compelling content (to us, anyway), but by being registered by Google News. So now whenever we toss something up on the site, it comes up in global search results. Before, we relied mainly on social media and homepage visits, but now it’s a whole new ballgame as we enter autumn stronger than ever. Me-fucking-ow.

Here’s the most-read posts of the past week, based on clicky clicks.

Miley Licking Hammer

5. Twerk-free zone: Watch Miley Cyrus continue her crusade against clothing in ‘Wrecking Ball’, September 9

Miley Cyrus is apparently Greek for “page views.” Just get her up there naked and riding a wrecking ball and the hits keep coming in. Yes, we are obsessed with Miley (and have been since “See You Again”). No, we don’t care.


4. College cancels next week’s sold-out Death In June show at Salem Old Town Hall, September 13, 2013

This was posted just last night and already has been makes waves. A Christian college didn’t realize who Death In June were, so they cancelled next week’s sold out show in Salem. Modern-day witch hunt! Oddly, the post about T.T.’s cancelling the Cold Cave + Boyd Rice show in June remains our most-read article, and Rice was once a member of Death In June. Yowza.

People of Boston Calling 15 | Vanyaland & James Joiner

3. Photo Gallery: The People of Boston Calling, Sept 7 + 8 @ City Hall Plaza, September 10, 2013

Photographer and journalist James Joiner makes his Vanyaland debut with a bang, capturing the people of this past weekend’s Boston Calling Music Festival at City Hall Plaza. We are thrilled to have his contributions; his work also appears frequently in Rolling Stone and Esquire.


2. How terrible is Priyanka Chopra’s Thursday Night Football song, ‘In My City’?, September 13, 2013

We’re getting a bit of shit for this one, but come on: a) This song sucks, and b) Stop exploiting “Boston Strong.” We don’t care if she’s a celebrated Bollywood singer/actress, these terrible sports network theme songs have to stop. “In My City” is about as unlistenable as Tim McCarver.

Neil Young Johnny Ds

1. Watch Neil Young debut a new song last night at intimate Johnny D’s in Somerville, September 12, 2013

Good ol’ Neil took a backseat to wife Pegi at Johnny D’s Wednesday night, but did offer up this new track, “Drive Me Car.” Reaction to the song was mixed, but everyone was unanimous in thinking that Neil Young playing 300-capacity Johnny D’s was really fucking cool. This was by far our most-shared post on Vanyaland, aided by more than 800 shares on Facebook and props from Universal Hub. Photo up top by Johnny D’s booking agent Randi Millman.