VMvsic: Ou Est Le Swimming Pool – Dance The Way I Feel

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]igging back a few years for this lost electro-pop gem from London’s Ou Est Le Swimming Pool, who’s rise was cut short after the sudden suicide of frontman Charles Haddon in 2010. Haddon went out in public fashion, climbing up a 60-foot satellite mast at a Belgian music festival three years ago and plunging to his death. Ou Est Le Swimming Pool had just finished a set at the sold-out Pukkelpop fest in Belgium, which reportedly 180,000 people attended. But with Haddon gone, his legacy is the music, and “Dance The Way I Feel” is a glossy electro-pop number with a sinister sheen, not unlike what Chvrches are accomplishing today with songs like “Lies.” With what’s happening now in pop music, Ou Est Le Swimming Pool were certainly ahead of their time, and it’s a shame Haddon isn’t still here to reap the fame the band band’s early tracks hinted was inevitable.

Michael Marotta


[dropcap]O[/dropcap]u Est Le Swimming Pool were an English synthpop group from Camden, London, made up of Charles Haddon, Joe Hutchinson and Caan Capan. The band name is an amalgamation of French (Où Est Le: where is the) and English (Swimming Pool), and is inspired by a line from French teacher Mrs Crabbe (played by Pam Ferris) in the television series Hardwicke House. They released four singles.