Motley Crue accidentally interrupt last night’s Diamondbacks-Mets game in Arizona


Whoa! Yeah! Uhh, what the hell was that?!?

During the ninth inning of last night’s Diamondbacks-Mets game in Phoenix, Arizona closer JJ Putz spiked his pitch into the ground after being startled by a sudden loud noise that cut through Chase Field. The Mets announcers, in the clip above, described the sound as a cow “mooing” (new Chick-fil-A promo?), while the D-Backs play-callers pegged it as something from Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

But nope, turns out it was the opening guitar riff to Motley Crue’s “Kickstart My Heart” blaring through the stadium’s PA.


Putz’ heart certainly got a jolt.

Apparently the Chase Field sound guy accidentally hit play just as the pitcher was mid-wind-up, and Mick Mars’ guitar thunder was enough to throw off Putz’ mechanics. With everyone on the field offering up a hearty “WTF,” sandlot rules came into effect and a do-over was called; the umps declared the play a “no pitch.”

The batter, Justin Turner, doubled on the very next pitch, though was left stranded in the Mets’ eventual 4-1 win. Shame he didn’t draw a base on balls, Turner could have truly taken a walk on the wild side.


In an MLB clip, we can see a guy in the Chase Field sound booth throwing his arms up and pointing to himself, gesturing “My bad,” to those around him.

Here in Boston, however, we know one thing for sure: TJ Connelly would never pull that shit in Fenway Park.

Check out the “Kickstart My Heart” video below.