Check out the first ‘FAT’ movie trailer, soundtracked by the Beatings

Hollywood East has hit the Boston music scene.

And by that, we don’t mean a bunch of stuffy West Coast suits have come to our city to close off Brighton Avenue while Garrett Hedlund plays a dirty Allston indie rocker trying to make it in music after unceremoniously dropping out of Emerson. No, we just mean that FAT, the upcoming “indie dramady” written and directed by Medford native Mark Phinney, looks so fucking pro we expect it to eventually be in theaters nationwide, bringing the rock of Boston to movie fans from coast to coast.

Not only does FAT star some notable faces from our city’s music circles, like Ashley Willard (Boston Band Crush), Troy Schoeller (Razors In The Night), Kevin Patey (the Raging Teens, T.T. The Bear’s Place manager), Jim Healey (Black Thai), and Dave Mirabella (The Rationales), but it was shot all over Allston and Cambridge, and in particular at T.T.’s. As far as we know, no intersections were closed as a result.

The teaser trailer, edited by Michael Gill and posted above, features the Beatings’ 2009 track “All The Things You’ve Been Missing” (stream it below), and the soundtrack will showcase a dozen Boston bands and artists, including the likes of Mel Lederman, Stereo Telescope, the Fagettes, Slowdim, Healey’s solo work, and others. It will be released off the Beatings’ label, Midriff Records.

We’re certainly hungry for some more, but now we gotta wait; FAT is expected to start screening this fall.

FAT movie poster