Listen to an acoustic track from Boston’s Gymnasium; EP release Friday @ T.T.’s

Boston’s been experiencing a pop-rock renaissance lately, with the likes of Parks, Spirit Kid, and Corin Ashley, among others, releasing pitch-perfect harmony rock to combat the influx of whatever the hell else is going on around our city. Or perhaps that sound just never went away.

Another entry into the saccharine sweet-stakes is Gymnasium, a fairly new-ish band featuring Rod van Stoli (vocals), Charles Hansen (guitar), Chris Blue (guitar), Melissa Gibbs (keys), Jonathan Screnci (drums) and John Sheeran (bass).

In January they unveiled vibrant debut single “Coast To Coast To Coast,” and this Friday at T.T. The Bear’s Place in Cambridge they celebrate the release of a new EP, Travelogue, on an Indie Rock Ranger Presents bill alongside Sidewalk Driver, USA! USA! USA!, and Electric Black Horse.

“We range from psych-infused pop to straight up ’70s hard rock,” says Van Stoli. “The tunes are pretty carefully crafted, and we use tons of harmonies. We do get pretty heavy at times. If Ray Davies and the Who had a baby, our baby would beat it up.”

The Gymnasium EP is a mix of three upbeat new studio cuts and two acoustic numbers, and you can check out one of those, “Submarine,” via the Vanyaland Soundcloud below.

Also be sure to drink in another awesome flyer from Nicole Anguish of Daykamp Creative, the Boston-based graphic design team that is absolutely owning the gig poster game right now. Their entire catalog is worth your eyeballs’ loving gaze. Check it…

Gymnasium Flyer

Also peep the Travelogue album artwork, also by Daykamp.

New Gym