Cuts like a ‘Hot Knife’: Watch the new Fiona Apple video, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson

Last year’s The Idler Wheel was more than a record, it was Fiona Apple’s viciously victorious comeback effort. Now comes a new music video for “Hot Knife,” directed by Apple’s ex-boyfriend, director Paul Thomas Anderson, the man behind Boogie Nights and who has also been the vision behind a host of the artist’s previous clips, like “Fast As You Can” and “Limp.”

Of course, pairing the lasting mental image of Boogie Nights with the enduring visuals of “Criminal” really let the imagination run wild, but here we get an almost Black Swan-like vibe as the clip is a stripped down face-forward look from Apple.

According to reports, it was supposed to be out last year, but Anderson got sidetracked or something. Either way, it extends the shelf life of The Idler Wheel, and that, along with most things Apple does musically, is cool with us.