VanyalandTV: Ringo Deathstarr discuss ‘sweatgaze,’ the sound of Austin, and getting compared to bands from yesteryear


Austin noise-pop trio Ringo Deathstarr grabbed some wood on the Great Scott patio and chatted with Vanyaland:TV on May 31, a few hours before their show at the pill.

We tried to cover as much ground as possible for the Deathstarr crew, and in confronting them with all the lazy band and genre associations press like me love to sling at them, we may have coined the term “sweatgaze.” It definitely works for us, especially in a week around Boston where the temperatures are expected to hit a billion degrees. We also discussed the band’s latest record Mauve, the sound of Austin, Texas, and other random shit that popped into my head over the course of our interview.

Check out the MediaBoss-produced four-minute clip, which was shot out on Commonwealth Avenue just as the sun was about to set and Ghost Box Orchestra were about to hit the stage. Our ears are still ringing from this one.