Track lists: Listen to the eight bands playing Boston Fuzzstival in August

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]hings are bound to get a bit fuzzy in Cambridge next month as the first-annual Boston Fuzzstival hits Central Square with an eight-band lineup of noisy bliss on Saturday, August 10. The whole shebang is headlined by our city’s psych-rock groove slingers Ghost Box Orchestra, and perhaps will fill the void left by the recently-dormant Deep Heaven Now Festivals in Somerville.

Of course, Jinsen Liu’s jamboree was spread out over two nights and two venues, where Boston Fuzzstival is a one-and-done deal, taking over the Middle East’s Downstairs room for one evening with a nice early dinnertime start of 6pm. There is some word that the fest might spread to some of the Mid East’s other stages, spaces, and corners (Vanyaland has been a part of the process helping put all this together), but until then, we’ll focus on the big subterranean room’s festivities.

Joining Ghost Box on the bill, armed and ready to fill your eardrums with unmitigated sonic bliss, are: Psych-punk terror trio The New Highway Hymnal, the noisy-racket rock of CreaturoS, the epic indie rock of Guillermo Sexo, garage rock soul shakers the Fagettes, cement-pop slingers DOZE, the cloudy fuzz-punk of Nice Guys and the spiky prog-psych tuneage of Moniker.

That’s a lot of music, even for a Saturday night. So here’s your primer, eight-is-enough Bandcamp links to give you a good idea of the night’s buzzbin sounds.

Get down, it’s Saturday night. Score some advance tickets here.