Ministry’s Al Jourgensen: My relationship with Aimee Mann inspired ‘Til Tuesday’s ‘Voices Carry’


So here’s news that probably couldn’t wait until tomorrow (snicker). In a interview published today with Rolling Stone, Ministry frontman and industrial legend Al Jourgensen opens up about his new autobiography, Ministry: The Lost Gospels According to Al Jourgensen (Da Capo Press), and it boasts the usual passages about sex, drugs, and drum machines. Jourgensen also dishes on Fred Durst (who cares), the Chicago Blackhawks (too soon) and being an American Medical Association’s “medical marvel” (high-five!).

But it also holds a bold claim by the Alien that he inspired ‘Til Tuesday’s 1985 new wave mega-hit “Voices Carry,” which until this very day was assumed to either be about domestic abuse or hushed-up lesbianism (depending on where you grew up).

From RollingStone.com’s post today:


Also, according to Jourgensen, ‘Til Tuesday’s 1980s new wave/pop smash “Voices Carry” was inspired by a brief romantic relationship he had with Aimee Mann.

“We had a very dysfunctional relationship in Boston. I love her to death – to this day. I just saw her when I did that Sgt. Peppers/Cheap Trick benefit at the Hollywood Bowl, and she was there. We get along great. As a matter of fact, I get along great with all of my exes. That’s really cool. That’s a good sign. That means that, ‘OK, you were an asshole at times, but you weren’t a complete asshole all the time.’

Head explode. Of course, this inspires a whole new round of questions, especially if he’s already owning up to being an asshole.

No doubt Aimee Mann will soon be telling big ol’ Al to just… please… shut up.