Stream the new Krill record, ‘Lucky Leaves’ // release show 06.29 @ Great Scott



Step outside, right now. Feel the heat press up against your body? That’s Krill. Taste the salty sweat building up around upper lip? That’s Krill. Inhale the exhaust from the car in front of you on Memorial Drive? That’s Krill.

It’s officially Krill Monday around Boston, as the Jamaica Plain guitar-rock trio finally released sure-to-be-critically-beloved new record, Lucky Leaves, via the internet today. The 11-song LP is available in many forms, from rebel mp3s to “mixed-color” vinyl (is that racist?) to classy USB port embedded in a piece of mozzarella (for real, it costs $100), and the band’s record release party crashes down on Great Scott’s steamy asphalt this Saturday. It’s the Krillest of Krillwave bills as Ava Luna, SaraLee, and Huge Face join the cause.


But back to Lucky Leaves, a slinky post-rock record that jangles here, sludges there, but maintains its antsy cool throughout. There’s a sneakiness to Krill’s sound that’s tough to describe; it’s warm when you need it to be, then aggressive and disjointed as soon as you get too comfortable. These are pop songs spun inside out and churned out in reverse, sideways, backwards, but always balanced in the center.

Lucky Leaves was produced by Krill.I.Am., recorded afterhours at Krilliams Sonoma behind a Chinese restaurant, and mass produced in Krillmington, Massachusetts. Stream it below via Bandcamp, and get in on the pre-order as there are discounts at stake. There’s even a free-be in there if you ask nicely.

Krill is forever. Bathe in it.