[awesome video alert] Young Adults lash out towards society’s expectations with ‘Spectre’


YOUNG ADULTS music is brash and intense, an impatient brand of shoegaze played by a trio of gents who have a lot to say but feel like they don’t have a lot of time to say it. Splitting residencies between Western Mass and Boston, the punk band has maintained a reputation in the Northeast for a confrontational type of sound (despite being the nicest dudes ever) that’s the equivalent to a suckerpunch to the gullet.

Recent EP Born in ’91 was a sandpaper blanket of noise, but underneath the layers were enough hooks to get called for a two-minute penalty. Now one of its standout tracks, “Spectre,” comes equipped with an unflinching music video that calls out our society’s expectations, and how shit jobs, mindless television, and social media has rotted our sense of being.

The clip was created by Boston-based production duo LOROTO, the brains behind recent videos for Earthquake Party, Mean Creek, and Birthdays, and well, anything that features bassist Danny O’Neill with a pistol in his belt while laughing around the office water cooler is cool with us.


In the video’s premiere over the weekend on Stereogum, former Phoenix writer Liz Pelly commented that it’s “a cheeky commentary on stale office culture, corporate branding, the numbness induced by social media, and general societal constructs regarding success and normalcy.”

For real through.

Young Adults’ next live gig in town arrives July 11, when they play Great Scott in Allston with Brooklyn trio Grooms.